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Unfinished Standing Gnome with Interchangeable Accents

K&G Make It!


This blank gnome kit, beautifully crafted from 1/4" MDF, ready for you to use those creative juices and paint! Standing 18" tall and 8" wide, this wooden gnome is multiple layers to give some beautiful depth. Each piece has guidelines drawn to help when painting. (Any painted pieces are examples only.)

Kit Includes:

• Gnome Layers

• 12 Holiday/Seasonal Pieces (Fall Leaf, Pumpkin, Jack-o-lantern, Wreath, Snowflake, Valentines Day Heart, Shamrock, Easter Egg, Sun, Watermelon, Flip Flops and a Patriotic Star))

• 3 Hats

• 1 Nose, 4 hands

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