Short Handle Paint Brush

Country Chic


Specifically designed to be used with Country Chic Paint and specialty products, our Short-Handled Paint Brushes are made of high quality, nylon bristles for smooth paint application. These brushes come in three sizes and have a flat, angled edge with a short handle making them ideal for painting in confined areas such as drawers and cabinet shelves, or on the underside of furniture.

Since we recommend using only synthetic bristle brushes with Country Chic Paint products, the Short-Handled Paint Brush does not contain any animal products. It can be easily cleaned with our eco-friendly Brush Soap.

Short-handled Paint Brush Product Features:

  • Long-lasting, synthetic bristles
  • Available in two convenient sizes: 1.5”, 2”, and 2.5”
  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • Contains no animal products
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