3D A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Door Hanger - Finished

K&G Make It!


It's like you stepped into the Christmas Story movie with our 3D A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Door Hanger Sign, each uniquely crafted to order, bringing a three-dimensional festive charm right to your doorstep.


  • Distinctly Crafted: Designed by Garrett, each sign is precisely cut from layered MDF, creating a delightful 3D effect that captures the eye and the imagination.
  • Artisanal Painting: Kim's brushwork adds life to each piece with vibrant Foxy Hues outdoor acrylic paints, ensuring both beauty and durability against winter weather.
  • Hand-Assembled with Care: Emphasizing the layered design, Kim assembles each sign to accentuate its multidimensional appeal.
  • Ready to Adorn Your Door: At 16 inches and finished with a ribbon hanger and a decorative bow, it's the perfect welcoming touch for any home.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from cabinet-grade MDF, these door hangers offer both elegance and longevity.


Our made-to-order 3D A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Door Hanger Signs are a testament to your individual style and the holiday spirit. Beginning with Garrett's innovative design, each sign is cut to create a layered MDF masterpiece that stands out with a three-dimensional look. Kim then paints and assembles every piece with precision, ensuring a pop of winter cheer and a robust quality that lasts.

With a 16-inch profile, each door hanger makes a statement that is as welcoming as it is impressive. The intricate layers of the MDF provide depth and shadow, making each snowflake and winter detail dance to life. Finished with a festive ribbon and bow, these signs are not just decorations but are keepsakes that embody the joy of the season.

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